I have had the opportunity to work on many interesting projects in recent years.
Below are a few impressions. I also include references from people I have worked with.


Franklin Schmetz
Managing Director - De Schakel B.V.

The ability to think out of the box

Over time, I have come to know Joost as a reliable and expert HR professional who has the ability to think ‘out of the box’. Joost is open to innovation and as an HR professional he has made a critical contribution to the continuing development of organisations and departments. Plus, he’s just a nice person.

Rindert Kroos
HR Director - Bosch Security Systems BV

Great knowledge of HR

Joost is a dedicated HR Manager who I have learned to know as someone who has a great knowledge of HR but also never loses the total view regarding the need of the business.
Next to that Joost is an intelligent person who always goes a layer deeper to get the best result. As manager he is always in front of his team and gives his team the freedom to explore and to take own responsibility of their work and actions. As person Joost is easy approachable and can act on every level of an organization.

Jean Peters
Organisation for Individual Coaching and Team Coaching

Driven professional

I got to know Joost as a very driven HR professional. He always has his eye on the right interests and relationships and knows the right way to take the right decisions, with a human touch. He’s open to exploring uncharted territory and constantly probes his limits without infringing on others. What I wish for Joost is that he remains true to himself and continues to pursue his profession as he has always done.

Rebekka Winne
A young HR Professional

Constructive and energetic HR manager

Joost was my internship and thesis supervisor during my graduation internship at DocMorris. Throughout this period, I was always able to build on his expertise and knowledge of HR, which helped me to finish my thesis and continue my personal development. I got to know Joost as a driven, constructive and energetic HR manager with firm and lucid views about the goals to be achieved in the organisation, and as a supervisor who kept a critical eye on my graduation research.

Back to the core
Senior Professionals

First climb into the helicopter, then get back to the core

I helped a number of senior professionals to overcome crisis situations.
I was able to assist them as they took real, critical decisions for themselves and for their organisations. Each and every one was a lovely person and it was my pleasure to help them weather the storm.

Inge Bloemen
HR Director - Pure Ingredients

Bringing together a German-Dutch Management Team

I know Joost to be an expert professional who spent six months enthusiastically helping our management board (appointed December 2018) to tackle the following question: ‘How do we turn ourselves into a genuine team?’ With his knowledge and experience in the field of Dutch and German business management, cultural differences, and team-building and cooperation, he was able to build support on both sides of the border and move us from focusing on differences towards wanting connection. Not everyone is capable of this. I really enjoyed working with Joost and found him to be a valuable sparring partner, and although I am referring to a finished project here, it is by no means the end of our partnership.

Franc van der Linden
Managing Director - Hanssen Footcare

Moving from how it was to how it should be, together

Hanssen Footcare needed to make the transition from product-driven to market-driven. Drawing on our expertise and, more importantly, taking a pragmatic approach, we were able to carve out the new path and structure for the new organisation and set the speed at which the transformation would take place. I especially appreciated Joost’s total commitment (always on hand but never in the way) and his ability to simplify complex issues so that we could take the next step in our renewal process. The success of any new strategy depends entirely on the capacity of your people to execute it effectively. Joost knows how to capitalise fully on human potential and to streamline performance so that the focus is on getting results. Now that we are on the right course and have a new structure, Hanssen Footcare is entering the future at precisely the right speed.

Thank you Joost, and we’ll be in touch!

William Scheffer
Facility Manager


Our first encounter was an eye-opener. Joost zeroed in on the real problem I was facing in just one conversation and immediately got me thinking about my career, what I wanted and my ability to get there. A year later, this resulted in a career shift in which Joost again played a part. I’m grateful for his advice and for showing me what’s possible.

Employment terms
SAP Consultantants

Personalised employment terms for everyone

I developed a competitive and affordable modular benefits package for an award-winning, fast-growing firm of SAP consultants. This allows international employees to assemble a remuneration package that is of equal value but tailored to their individual needs. I sought out appropriate service providers so that employees are paid not only in money and time but also in access to facilities. My aim is to look every employee in the eye and help them choose what suits them best. This project involved complex material where I delivered a transparent result.