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About Joost Hack

The knowledge I have accumulated over the years is rooted in the field of HR and in Business Management. Knowledge is very valuable, but in this day and age it quickly becomes outdated. That’s why what my parents taught me is more important than anything else:

“Respect others and use your brain!”

Listening carefully, thinking hard, and coming up with practical solutions –it’s what I’m good at, what I enjoy, and what I do. My curiosity about other people’s ideas and my sense of empathy help me to build trust and support. And that is the foundation for genuine progress.

Some expressions that you can expect to hear me say include “Hard on issues, fair on people” and “Every silver lining has its cloud” (and vice versa!).

I like to work with paradoxes, for example contradictory choices or opposing interests. The opposite ends of the spectrum support traceable and identifiable decisions in the broad area in between, which is by no means always grey.

And speaking of striking a balance between opposites: besides working hard, I enjoy dining with friends or letting loose on my drums. The above photograph shows my “workplace” on a warm Saturday evening.

Joost Hack provides HR Projects & Interim Management, Project Management, Interim Management and support with Organization Development.

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Changes are eminently suitable for a project-based approach in which the desired goal is determined in advance. Linear or agile/scrum projects – no matter what they involve, I know the way…
Listening closely, being quick to grasp the essence, putting a structure in place and then rolling up my sleeves – that’s how I work, and I’m good at it. I’m a temporary presence who leaves a lasting impression.
I share my knowledge, and my outsider perspective helps the relevant management uncover ingrained patterns and blind spots. What’s more: people tend to behave better if they think outsiders are watching…