Organisational Development

“We don’t coordinate enough internally or with our suppliers. How do we get everyone working together towards the same goals?”

“We need to be more appealing and motivating for our clients and for new employees. But how do we go about it?”

These are the sorts of questions that I am happy to address as an interim and/or project manager.
But I also believe the organisation should learn as much as possible itself about how to tackle such questions.

If it has the potential to do so, especially if it is not under enormous pressure, then I believe in advising and guiding that organisation in its unique development. I share my knowledge, and my outsider perspective helps the relevant management uncover ingrained patterns and blind spots. What’s more: people tend to behave better if they think outsiders are watching.

My sense of empathy and my broad knowledge of business processes, the 7S Framework and certainly the five validated success factors of High Performance Organisations always come in handy. Where necessary, I can rely on a circle of professionals who possess other types of expertise.